Installation Laravel can be installed in different ways, I’m going to cover those methods in this article. So sit back and enjoy. The operating system I use is Linux, so you would encounter issues on other types of OS. Maybe it is time to switch … Install using Laravel’s installer Laravel provides a global command […]

After enabling SSL for a domain it is a good idea to redirect non-HTTPS URLs to HTTPS so if a visitor omitted the https:// prefix we would add it automatically. In this post we are going to see how to preprend the https:// at the start of a URL using Apache web server .htaccess file […]

In this post we’ll take a quick lock at some date related functions/techniques in PHP. List Get current date in MySQL DATETIME format Get current date in MySQL DATETIME format In above sample, in the first line default Timezone is set to Tehran. Then, in the second line we use a format string and ask […]